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Reliable! Embedded Linux O/S, Optional Front Panel Color TFT GUI
Fault Tolerant Redundant Hard Disks & Dual Hot Swap Power Supplies!

  • Compact 4U communications gear style rack mount or Desktop platform
  • Network server/appliance, access from any number of attached PC’s
  • Standalone system with optional full front panel Color TFT GUI control pictured above
  • Embedded Linux operating system, No site licenses required
  • Standard Dual RAID1 250GB hard disks (Optional Hot Swap) (Optional Larger HDs.)
  • Standard Dual hot swap power supplies.
  • Dual 9.4GB DVD Multi Record drives (Optional 250GB Removable HDs or Iomega 70GB REV drives)
  • Optional 3rd DVD-RAM drive or 250GB Removable HD Drive or Iomega 70GB REV drive
  • All processing and archiving of calls is accomplished within the unit.
  • High Density, up to 192 Hardwired channels in one module.
  • Easy to use & feature rich Eventide MediaWorks™ Client for Windows
  • Easy to use & feature rich Eventide MediaAgent™ Instant Recall Client for Windows
  • Field upgradeable and end-user implemented software upgrades
  • Great connectivity, Digital PBX & ISDN Phone Stations, Digital Telephone T1/ E1/ ISDN PRI’s/BRI’s,
  • Analog Phones/ lines, Analog 2-way radio/other audio, Trunked 2-way radio VoIP phones/Console IP Feeds/Screen Capture.
  • Mix digital, analog & IP channels in one unit
  • Great Accessibility, up to 32 simultaneous system accesses via Network PC’s w/MediaWorks™
  • Play up to all installed channels simultaneously
  • Simultaneous “One Click” Desktop Instant Recall with MediaAgent™
  • Powerful ODBC compliant SQL call records database included, no licensing
  • Call Query/filtering by any call record parameter or time/date of origin
  • Protect /Tag calls
  • Make call lists and automatically populate the graphical time line
  • Graphical time line display with multi-channel view and ZOOM control
  • Incident naming, attaching of calls & saving remotely & locally
  • Mark and annotate calls
  • Live Monitor up all installed channels simultaneously
  • User ID and password security down to the channel level
  • Automatic Email of alarms & alerts – Remote diagnostics via USB modem & VPN
  • Easy conversion to .Wav files with Redaction for emailing and CD burning
  • Optional on Board RAID 5 Hot Swappable Hard Disk configuration
  • Ready to remote archive to any NAS unit as a standard setup parameter(Option for Central Archiving)
  • Full ANI/ALI, CAD, Trunked Radio, MDC 1200 Radio ID & CTI metadata integrations
  • Standard Call Detail Records report generation. (Database Open for Enhanced Reporting)
  • Copy or back up recorded Messages to USB drives at the Front Panel