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Iomega Rev Drive

Iomega Rev Drives provide a compact high density disk in a cartridge that is used as archive backup storage for the new Eventide ATLAS digital voice recorders. Many innovations have been incorporated to produce an extremely reliable, economic and high performance storage alternative to tapes. All these innovations combine to give a single cartridge recording capacity of 70GB. At the Industry standard compression rate of 13kbs GSM, 70GBs provides 11,550 channel hours of recorded voice archive storage equal to almost eight 9.4GB DVD-RAM Disks.

  • Reliable: Based on proven HD technology & password protected
  • Easy: No cleaning or maintenance required
  • Affordable: Better value compared to traditional tape drives
  • Fast: Read/write 10 X faster than tape, retrieve calls in seconds
  • Durable: Rigid disks offer virtually unlimited rewriteability
  • Expandable: Add capacity with affordable REV disks when needed.
  • Efficient: Retrieve calls in seconds, versus minutes
  • High-Capacity: 70GB capacity to archive 11,550 channel hours
  • Secure: Password protect calls
  • Shelf life: Disks have a 30 year shelf life
  • MTBF: 400,000 Hours
  • Drive life: 5 Years plus
  • Disk: Can be inserted & removed more than 2000 times