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DVD Multi Recorder Drive

DVD Multi Recorder drives provide DVD-RAM format disks that are used as archive backup storage for the new Eventide ATLAS digital voice recorders. Many innovations have been incorporated to produce an extremely reliable, economic and high performance storage alternative to tapes. All these innovations combine to give a single-side recording capacity of 4.7GB and a double-sided capacity of 9.4GB. At the Industry standard compression rate of 13kbs GSM, 9.4GBs provides 1,540 channel hours of recorded voice archive storage.


  • Access time to recorded material approximates to a hard disk.
  • Load and unload disks in seconds instead of minutes for tapes.
  • Format new disks in seconds.


  • 9.4GB double-sided disk provides 1,540 channel hours of storage.
  • 4.7GB single-sided disk provides 770 channel hours of storage.


  • 30-year shelf life.
  • Reusable over 100,000 times with no reduction in quality.
  • Robust design, resistant to shock, magnetic interference or environmental issues.
  • No contact between disk and drive during record or play using laser phase-change technology. (Same as Magneto Optical Disk drives)


  • Voice files are secure from editing or magnetic damage.
  • Disks have a write-protect system to prevent accidental rewrite.
  • Only way to destroy recordings is to destroy the disk.